BoneSmart® Pilates

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Did you know that one out of every two women over the age of 50 has low bone density (either Osteopenia or Osteoporosis)? With adults over the age of 60 representing the fastest growing population segment in the U.S., everyone should understand how the risks and needs of our aging bodies change over time. For those in this group, average abdominal exercises might be completely undermining your health and longevity!

BoneSmart® Pilates is a modified Pilates class designed to accommodate anyone with low bone density. Learn how to age powerfully and gracefully while building bone and improving posture, balance, strength and flexibility.

Classes Include:

  • Movement that helps build bone density.
  • Contra-indications and how to properly modify any “core” activity.
  • Strategies to reverse the effects of forward-bending posture.
  • Information that is easy to understand and apply to life.
  • Leave with a clear sense of how to proceed with any exercise regime or movement skill (i.e., sitting at a computer, in a car, cooking, bending, lifting, etc.)

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